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Characterization of Burkholderia sp. XTB-5 for phenol degradation and plant growth promotion and its application in bioremediation of contaminated soil
A key issue when researching land degradation is the pollution of soils. For bioremediation of contaminated soil, Burkholderia sp. XTB-5 cells were obtained from soil and grown on mineral salt mediumExpand
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AdaBits: Neural Network Quantization With Adaptive Bit-Widths
  • Qing Jin, Linjie Yang, Zhenyu Liao
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and…
  • 20 December 2019
We investigate the benefits and challenges of training quantized model with adaptive bit-widths, and then experiment with several approaches including direct adaptation, progressive training and joint training. Expand
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Strategy changing penalty promotes cooperation in spatial prisoner’s dilemma game
Abstract Many classical studies suggest that punishment is a useful way to promote cooperation in the well-mixed public goods game, whereas relative evidence in the research of spatial prisoner’sExpand
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A laboratory-scale model cocoa fermentation using dried, unfermented beans and artificial pulp can simulate the microbial and chemical changes of on-farm cocoa fermentation
Cocoa fermentation is an essential step for chocolate production whereby flavor potential is generated and bitterness and astringency are moderated. To facilitate fermentation research inExpand
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Towards Efficient Training for Neural Network Quantization
We investigate the condition of efficient training of a generic deep neural network by analyzing the variance of the gradient with respect to the effective weights involved in convolution or fully-connected operations. Expand
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FracBits: Mixed Precision Quantization via Fractional Bit-Widths
We propose a novel learning-based algorithm to derive mixed precision models end-to-end under target computation constraints and model sizes. Expand
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CHG: A Systematically Integrated Database of Cancer Hallmark Genes
Background The analysis of cancer diversity based on a logical framework of hallmarks has greatly improved our understanding of the occurrence, development and metastasis of various cancers. MethodsExpand
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Identification of Early Warning Signals at the Critical Transition Point of Colorectal Cancer Based on Dynamic Network Analysis
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the leading causes of cancer-related death worldwide. Due to the lack of early diagnosis methods and warning signals of CRC and its strong heterogeneity, theExpand
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Rethinking Neural Network Quantization
We analyze the gradient propagation process of neural networks by viewing the weights and intermediate activations as random variables, we discover two critical rules for efficient training. Expand
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Mid-late Holocene maar lake-mire transition in northeast China triggered by hydroclimatic variability
Abstract The density of maar lake type peatlands in the Changbai Mountain areas, northeast (NE) China is among the highest in the world. These deposition systems include both peat and limnicExpand
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