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This paper is about a vision-based system that automatically monitors intermodal freight trains for the quality of how the loads (containers) are placed along the train. An accurate and robust algorithm to segment the foreground of containers in videos of the moving train is indispensable for this purpose. Given a video of a moving train consisting of(More)
—Current research on traffic flow prediction mainly concentrates on generating accurate prediction results based on intelligent or combined algorithms but ignores the interpretability of the prediction model. While in practice, the interpretability of the model is equally important for traffic managers to realize which road segment in the road network will(More)
—This paper addresses an issue of short-term traffic flow prediction in urban traffic networks with traffic signals in intersections. An effective spatial prediction approach is proposed based on a macroscopic urban traffic network model. In contrast with other time series based or spatio-temporal correlation methods, this research focuses on the(More)