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A micro-mechanics model of dentin mechanical properties.
Application of a micro-mechanics cell model to dentin composites for determination of their effective mechanical properties is discussed in this paper. The dilute micro-mechanics model forExpand
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A hypothetical mechanism of bone remodeling and modeling under electromagnetic loads.
A hypothetical regulation mechanism for bone modeling and remodeling under electromagnetic field is proposed. In this hypothesis, the bone modeling and remodeling mechanism is described as follows:Expand
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A new special coating/fiber element for analyzing effect of interface on thermal conductivity of composites
The effects of interface or interphase on micro- and macro-thermal behaviors of square-pattern unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites with a thin interfacial phase are investigated. Expand
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Thermoelectroelastic solutions for surface bone remodeling under axial and transverse loads.
Theoretical prediction of surface bone remodeling in the diaphysis of the long bone under various external loads are made within the framework of adaptive elastic theory. These loads include externalExpand
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A regularized approach evaluating the near-boundary and boundary solutions for three-dimensional Helmholtz equation with wideband wavenumbers
A regularized approach to evaluate near-boundary and boundary solutions of the Helmholtz equation with wideband wavenumbers by using the nearly singular factors to replace the corresponding nearly singular terms. Expand
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Post-buckling solutions of hyper-elastic beam by canonical dual finite element method
A mixed finite element method is proposed for solving a post-buckling problem of a large deformed nonlinear beam. Expand
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A theoretical study of bone remodelling under PEMF at cellular level
Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices have been used clinically to slow down osteoporosis and accelerate the healing of bone fractures for many years. However, the underlying mechanism by whichExpand
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2D and 3D mapping of microindentations in hydrated and dehydrated cortical bones using confocal laser scanning microscopy
We report on responses of hydrated and dehydrated cortical bone tissues to mechanical loading applied by a Vickers indenter. The Vickers indentations were imaged in two- and three-dimensions (2D andExpand
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Influence of shear stress on behaviors of piezoelectric voltages in bone.
The piezoelectric properties of bone play an important role in the bone remodeling process and can be employed in clinical bone repair. In this study, the piezo-voltage of bone between two surfacesExpand
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Influence of enzymatic maceration on the microstructure and microhardness of compact bone.
The cleaning of fresh bones to remove their soft tissues while maintaining their structural integrity is a basic and essential part of bone studies. The primary issue is how the cleaning processExpand
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