Qing Hua Li

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Spreading depression (SD) has been linked to several neurological disorders as epilepsy, migraine aura, trauma, and cerebral ischemia, which were also influenced by disorderliness of the brain redox homeostasis. To investigate whether local tissue oxidation directly induces SD, we oxidized a restricted local area of the rat cerebral cortex using(More)
Previous studies in narcolepsy, an autoimmune disorder affecting hypocretin (orexin) neurons and recently associated with H1N1 influenza, have demonstrated significant associations with five loci. Using a well-characterized Chinese cohort, we refined known associations in TRA@ and P2RY11-DNMT1 and identified new associations in the TCR beta (TRB@; rs9648789(More)
Puerarin injection has been widely used for clinic treatment of diabetes recently. To assess the relationship between the administration time of puerarin and the blood concentration of puerarin as well as its pharmacokinetic parameters, the diabetic rat model was used in current study. The rats were randomly divided into morning and evening groups according(More)
Na+/H+ antiporters (NHXs) primarily catalyze the exchange of Na+ for H+ across vacuole membranes. A novel vacuolar Na+/H+ exchanger, CiNHX1, was cloned from chicory (Cichorium intybus L.), which contains an open reading frame of 1,644 bp. Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis indicated that CiNHX shared a great degree of similarity with reported(More)
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