Qing-Heng Li

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With the continuous development of market economy taxi industry must provide high quality services to succeed in an invincible position in the competitive market. This paper aims at constructing efficient evaluation model on the service quality to guide it providing high quality. Firstly, index system of service quality is constructed. Indexes weight is(More)
Having analyzed that the discretization algorithm of rough set and Boolean reasoning approach didn't work well in Bayesian Networks, a new algorithm for discretizing continuous variables is put forward to distinguish two samples by the value of candidate cuts while not by the intervals determined by two candidate cuts. The application case indicates that(More)
After defining two ideas lattice and convert channel, this paper analyses detecting methods of convert channel including SRM, syntactic information flow analysis, semantic information flow approach and non-interference method. This paper put forwards one method of improved syntactic information flow processing. The idea in this kind of method is that we(More)
Network traffic has the characteristic of self-similarity. We can create its model based on measure and physical method. The detail model includes FBM, FGN, ON/OFF, and so on. Then carried on research and practice on the concrete problem that the flow of network produced, such as: distributed production of random number, control algorithms on the basis of(More)
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