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Cross-domain text categorization targets on adapting the knowledge learnt from a labeled source-domain to an unlabeled target-domain, where the documents from the source and target domains are drawn from different distributions. However, in spite of the different distributions in raw word features, the associations between word clusters (conceptual(More)
Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in transfer learning. Despite the vast amount of research performed in this field, there are remaining challenges in applying the knowledge learnt from multiple source domains to a target domain. First, data from multiple source domains can be semantically related, but have different distributions. It is not(More)
Transfer learning has attracted a lot of attention in the past decade. One crucial research issue in transfer learning is how to find a good representation for instances of different domains such that the divergence between domains can be reduced with the new representation. Recently, deep learning has been proposed to learn more robust or higherlevel(More)
AIM To investigate the protective effects and mechanisms of Baicalin and octreotide on renal injury of rats with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP). METHODS One hundred and eighty SD rats were randomly assigned to the model group, Baicalin-treated group, octreotide-treated group and sham operation group. The mortality, plasma endotoxin level, contents of(More)
Searching frequent patterns in transactional databases is considered as one of the most important data mining problems and Apriori is one of the typical algorithms for this task. Developing fast and efficient algorithms that can handle large volumes of data becomes a challenging task due to the large databases. In this paper, we implement a parallel Apriori(More)
BACKGROUND Liver-X-receptors, LXRα (NR1H3) and LXRβ (NR1H2), encode 2 different but highly homologous isoforms of transcription factors belonging to the nuclear receptor superfamily. Whether LXRα and LXRβ subtypes have discrete roles in the regulation of cardiac physiology/pathology is unknown. We determine the role of each LXR subtype in myocardial(More)
The distribution difference among multiple data domains has been considered for the cross-domain text classification problem. In this study, we show two new observations along this line. First, the data distribution difference may come from the fact that different domains use different key words to express the same concept. Second, the association between(More)