Qing-He Niu

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A model for the collision between a sand grain and a body of yardang material is established by using the principles of classical mechanics. A new nondimensional parameter, the "abrasion number" A(n), is derived from the model. The volume removed per impact for different targets is proportional to A(n) approximately. As an indicator of the energy ratio of(More)
Nanopore containing graphene nanosheets were synthesized by graphene oxide and a reducing agent using a facile hydrothermal treatment in sodium hydroxide media. The as-prepared nanoporous graphene was incorporated into ethyl cellulose (EC) to prepare the mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for C3H6/C3H8 separation. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)(More)
The Lewis acid-mediated reaction of alkene nucleophiles with peroxyacetals provides an effective route for the synthesis of homologated peroxides and hydroperoxides. In the presence of Lewis acids such as TiCl(4), SnCl(4), and trimethylsilyl triflate, peroxyacetals and peroxyketals undergo reaction with allyltrimethylsilane, silyl enol ethers, and silyl(More)
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