Qing H. Qin

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Post buckling problem of a large deformed beam is analyzed using canonical dual finite element method (CD-FEM). The feature of this method is to choose correctly the canonical dual stress so that the original non-convex potential energy functional is reformulated in a mixed complementary energy form with both displacement and stress fields, and a pure(More)
A thermal nanomotor is relatively easy to fabricate and regulate as it contains just a few or even no accessory devices. Since the double-wall carbon nanotube (CNT)-based rotary nanomotor was established in a thermostat, assessment of the rotation of the rotor (inner tube) in the stator (outer tube) of the nanomotor has been critical, but remains(More)
A three-dimensional (3D) representative volume element (RVE) model was developed for analyzing effective mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites with imperfect interfaces. In the model, the fiber is assumed to be perfectly elastic until its tensile strength, and the ceramic material is modeled by an elasto-plastic Drucker-Prager(More)
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