Qing-Feng Wang

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We hypothesize interactions among plants for pollination may depend on pollinator abundance, which always varies among years and habitats and has different effects on plant reproductive success. Honeybee-pollinated plants, Lotus corniculatus, and its commonly coflowering neighbor, Potentilla reptans var. sericophylla, were used in a two-year project. We(More)
BACKGROUND The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) is one of the most extensive habitats for alpine plants in the world. Climatic oscillations during the Quaternary ice age had a dramatic effect on species ranges on the QTP and the adjacent areas. However, how the distribution ranges of aquatic plant species shifted on the QTP in response to Quaternary climatic(More)
Hydrocharitaceae is a fully aquatic monocot family, consists of 18 genera with approximately 120 species. The family includes both fresh and marine aquatics and exhibits great diversity in form and habit including annual and perennial life histories; submersed, partially submersed and floating leaf habits and linear to orbicular leaf shapes. The family has(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are common contaminants in groundwater. The remediation of PAH-contaminated groundwater often involves anaerobic biodegradation. The knowledge about the microorganisms responsible for PAH degradation in anaerobic subsurface environment is still lacking. DNA-based stable isotope probing (SIP) was applied to discover(More)
Adaptation to aquatic habitats is a formidable challenge for terrestrial angiosperms that has long intrigued scientists. As part of a suite of work to explore the molecular mechanism of adaptation to aquatic habitats, we here sequenced the transcriptome of the submerged aquatic plant Ranunculus bungei, and two terrestrial relatives R. cantoniensis and R.(More)
BACKGROUND As an efficient disposal method of food waste, anaerobic digestion (AD) for biogas production is widely used. In order to understand the enhanced efficiency and stability of AD by appropriate amounts of ammonia and volatile fatty acids (NH4 (+)/VFAs), the characteristics of the corresponding microbial community with ammonium acetate supplement(More)
The dove tree, Davidia involucrata Baill. (Davidiaceae), is a relict species endemic to China. Human activities and the strict requirements for seedling recruitments have led to the decline in number of individuals in extant natural populations of this species. In order to provide information for the design of conservation management strategies for D.(More)
The thermo-mechanical control processing (TMCP) of low carbon (C) Nb-Ti-containing HSLA steel with different cooling rates from 5 to 20 • C/s was simulated using a Gleeble 3500 system. The samples' microstructure was characterized and the tensile properties measured. The results show that a microstructure mainly consisting of quasi-polygonal ferrite (QPF),(More)