Qing-Feng Hu

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Translaminar screws (TLS) offer an alternative to pedicle screw fixation in the upper thoracic spine. Although some studies have described the anatomy of the laminae at the upper thoracic spine, computed tomography (CT) imaging is the modality of choice for presurgical planning. The characteristics of upper thoracic lamina in healthy Han adults have not(More)
To evaluate flow-cytometry and Nageotte method for counting residual WBC in thrombocytaphoresis concentrates, their accuracies were determined by dilution studies separately; the repeatability was determined by measuring the interassay coefficient of variation for 14 replicates of a sample with known leukocyte concentration. 102 samples of(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe effects of Ligustrazine on serum S100p protein and neuron-specific enolase (NSE) in elderly patients undergoing orthopedics operations. METHODS Totally 60 patients undergoing selective total hip replacement, 65-80 years old, who were in line with American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) grade I or II, were randomly assigned to the(More)
Epidemiological surveys show that folic acid can prevent prostate cancer, but fortified folic acid may increase the risk of the malignancy. The physician data queries from the National Cancer Institute of the USA describe folate as protective against prostate cancer, whereas its synthetic analog, folic acid, is considered to increase prostate cancer risk(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the anatomical feasibility and the technique of T(1)-T(3) crossing laminar screws fixation in the adult population. METHODS There were 33 dry upper thoracic vertebras specimen which included respectively T(1), T(2), T(3) were studied. Spinous process height (Hs), bilateral laminar height (H), length of superior laminar screws(More)
A method for calculating the parameter of Knothe time function was presented. The principle of predicting dynamic mining subsidence was discussed based to the relationship between the periodic fractures of main roof and surface subsidence. Pointed out there might be a section whose width was shorter than a mining unit when divided a workface into n equal(More)
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