Qing-Dong Jiang

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The effect of different dietary protein levels and DL-methionine (Met) supplementation on hair growth and the resulting pelt quality in mink was studied. Four groups of male mink were fed with four isocaloric diets containing 32% (P32), 24% (P24), 16% (P16) or P24+Met (0.8%) crude protein of dry matter (DM) from September to December. Skin biopsies were(More)
Temperature-dependent surface tension gamma(lv)(T) and its temperature coefficient (T) [=dgamma(lv)(T)/dT] for liquid metals are thermodynamically determined on the basis of an established model for surface energy of crystals. The model predictions correspond to the available experimental or theoretical results. It is found that for metallic liquids(More)
On monolithic Ni-Nb metallic glass films, we experimentally revealed 6.6% elastic strain limit by in-situ transmission electron microscopy observations. The origin of high elastic strain limit may link with high free volume in the film, causing the rearrangement of loosely bonded atomic clusters (or atoms) upon elastic deformation. This high elastic limit(More)
An intrinsic plastic Cu(45)Zr(46)Al(7)Ti(2) bulk metallic glass (BMG) with high strength and superior compressive plastic strain of up to 32.5% was successfully fabricated by copper mold casting. The superior compressive plastic strain was attributed to a large amount of randomly distributed free volume induced by Ti minor alloying, which results in(More)
The Goos-Hänchen (GH) shift and the Imbert-Fedorov (IF) shift are optical phenomena which describe the longitudinal and transverse lateral shifts at the reflection interface, respectively. Here, we predict the GH and IF shifts in Weyl semimetals (WSMs)-a promising material harboring low energy Weyl fermions, a massless fermionic cousin of photons. Our(More)
By using a combination of state-of-the-art experimental and computational methods, the high glass forming ability GFA of Cu46Zr46Al8 alloy is studied from the view of its atomic packing. Three-dimensional atomic configuration is well established. It is found that Al atoms almost homogeneously distribute around Cu and Zr atoms without segregation, causing(More)
Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes (NCNTs) are attractive for electrocatalytic applications in fuel cells due to their low cost and high electrocatalytic activity. By using density functional theory calculations, the electrocatalytic mechanisms of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) under electrochemical conditions are studied at graphite-like N groups (N(G))(More)
In this work, the glass transition of water was studied with density functional theory. The transition temperature was determined by measuring the heat capacity Cp of low-density amorphous water during rapid heating. This technique ensures that all measurements were implemented without crystallization occurring, which is difficult to be achieved(More)
In reply to the comment by Luo et al, our theoretical model for the surface energy of elemental crystals is further developed to improve the prediction accuracy of the surface energy of the high-Miller-index facets. It is considered that the previous predicted unit surface area could not denote the actual one since the facets now are uneven. With the(More)