Qing-Chun Li

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Current distributed data mining (DDM) systems popularly assume distributed data sources as partitions of a virtual data table and separately mine them. In fact, when there is essential difference among data sources, the assumption will fail and DDM result quality will also be damaged. For this issue, a hierarchical DDM architecture is proposed by grouping(More)
In the Greater Beijing metropolitan area of North China (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei areas), a mixed singleand dual-frequency groundbased GPS water vapor monitoring network is established to support operational weather forecasting and scientific research. In this paper we briefly summarize the progress of this collaborative operational GPS-Met network on network(More)
With China's rapid economic development, serious environment pollution has affected China's economic and social sustainable development. Environmental geophysics was widely applied and playing an increasingly important role in monitoring environment pollution for its unique advantage. With the aggravation of environment pollution and the development of(More)
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Filtering is one seismic data processing technique which uses the lateral coherence difference of the seismic wave to achieve wavefield separation and denoising. As the differences of propagation characteristics, apparent velocity and coherence in seismic signals, transformation of the valid signals may be transformed into(More)
In distributed data mining (DDM) systems, the semantic heterogeneity between data sources has not got universal attentions, which may produce the potential risks of damaging the quality of the final result. This paper presents a semantic distance measurement framework to extract the essential semantic heterogeneity between data sources. In this framework,(More)
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