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BACKGROUND Word frequency is the most important variable in language research. However, despite the growing interest in the Chinese language, there are only a few sources of word frequency measures available to researchers, and the quality is less than what researchers in other languages are used to. METHODOLOGY Following recent work by New, Brysbaert,(More)
Among brain functions, language is one of the most lateralized. Cortical language areas are also some of the most asymmetrical in the brain. An open question is whether the asymmetry in function is linked to the asymmetry in anatomy. To address this question, we measured anatomical asymmetry in 34 participants shown with fMRI to have language dominance of(More)
To assess the role of salicylic acid (SA) in alleviating cadmium (Cd) toxicity in hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) plants, the growth parameters, Cd accumulation, photosynthetic performance and activities of major antioxidant enzymes were investigated in hemp seedlings treated with 500 μM SA, under 0, 25, 50, and 100 mg Cd kg−1 sands (DW) conditions, respectively.(More)
This paper is a compilation of notes on 142 fungal taxa, including five new families, 20 new genera, and 100 new species, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The new families, Ascocylindricaceae, Caryosporaceae and Wicklowiaceae (Ascomycota) are introduced based on their distinct lineages and unique morphology. The new Dothideomycete genera(More)
The sensitivity of the left ventral occipito-temporal (vOT) cortex to visual word processing has triggered a considerable debate about the role of this region in reading. One popular view is that the left vOT underlies the perceptual expertise needed for rapid skilled reading. Because skilled reading breaks down when words are presented in a visually(More)
The field of complex network clustering has been very active in the past several years. In this paper, a discrete framework of the particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed. Based on the proposed discrete framework, a multiobjective discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed to solve network clustering problem. The decomposition(More)
OBJECTIVE The results of a recent genome-wide association study have shown that ERAP1 and IL23R are associated with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) in Caucasian populations from North America and the UK. Based on these findings, we undertook the current study to investigate whether single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) covering the genes ERAP1 and IL23R are(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Studying the genome structure of pines has been hindered by their large genomes and uniform karyotypes. Consequently our understanding of the genome organization and evolutionary changes in different groups of pines is extremely limited. However, techniques are now available that can surmount these difficulties. The purpose of this study(More)
Language production and spatial attention are the most salient lateralized cerebral functions, and their complementary specialization has been observed in the majority of the population. To investigate whether the complementary specialization has a causal origin (the lateralization of one function causes the opposite lateralization of the other) or rather(More)
Cadmium (Cd) treatments caused an inhibition in the net photosynthetic rate (P N) of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) plants, due to the reduction of stomatal conductance (g s) and photosynthetic pigment contents, as well as the alteration in leaf structure. The decrease of the transpiration rate and g s might result from the Cd-induced xerophyte anatomic features(More)