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With the popularity of P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network applications, active P2P worms become one of the most important newly threat of the network security. In this paper, the propagation process of active P2P worms are studied by a dynamic model over the overlay topology which modeled as a power-law undirected graph. Firstly, GLP power law generator is used to(More)
Groups discussing popular topics in online social networks are of great interests recently. In this paper, we measure the dynamics of the online groups discussing incidental popular topics and present method for predicting the dynamic sizes of incidental topic groups. It is found that the dynamic sizes of incidental topic groups follow the law of(More)
An on-line monitoring system of transmission line conductor de-icing based on GSM SMS and Zigbee is firstly designed and produced, the composition and the technical features of which are described. The meteorology such as the temperature, the humidity, the wind speed, the rain and snow, and the air pressure etc., the icing status of transmission lines such(More)
Network video technology develops quickly in recent years and the applications of network video are various. The effectively managing of the application based on network video is necessary for network flow management, network security, etc. and finding video stream from the network flow is the precondition and foundation. This paper analyzes the(More)
User interaction is one of the most important features of online social networks, and is the basis of research of user behavior analysis, information spreading model, etc. However, existing approaches focus on the interactions between adjacent nodes, which do not fully take the interactions and relationship between local region users into consideration as(More)
In recent years, social spammers become rampant and evolve a number of variations in most social networks. In micro-blogging community, there are a typical type of anomalous groups consisting of cooperative and organized spammers, and they are hired by public relation companies and paid for posting tweets with certain content. They intentionally evolve(More)
The stability degree of key nodes is an important indicator of wireless sensor network performance. Appropriate node importance evaluation method is a precondition for the identification of key node and the analysis on network stability. The current methods based on average length and network density are unable to make real-time evaluation on nodes in(More)