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The use of lower mobility parallel manipulators with less than six degrees of freedom (DOFs) has drawn a lot of interest in the area of parallel robots. In this paper, the type synthesis of 3R2T 5-DOF parallel mechanisms (PMs) is performed systematically using the Lie group of displacements, where R denotes a rotational DOF, and T denotes a translational(More)
Parasitic motion is a major drawback of the general 1T2R parallel mechanism (PM), where T denotes a translation degree of freedom (DOF) and R a rotational DOF. This paper investigates the type synthesis of the 1T2R PM without parasitic motion. First, a brief review on the planar-spherical bond and its mechanical generators is presented. Then, the difference(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α variant is closely linked to sepsis syndrome and mortality after severe trauma. We aimed to identify feature genes associated with the TNF rs1800629 A allele in trauma patients and help to direct them toward alternative successful treatment. METHODS In this study, we used 58 sets of gene expression data from Gene(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is among the most lethal human cancers, but the mechanism of the cancer is still unclear enough. We aimed to explore the key genes in CRC progression. The gene expression profile (GSE4183) of CRC was obtained from Gene Expression Omnibus database which included 8 normal samples, 15 adenoma samples, 15 CRC samples and 15 inflammatory(More)
Type synthesis of lower mobility parallel mechanisms (PMs) has attracted extensive attention in research community of robotics over the last seven years. One important trend in this area is to synthesize PMs with prespecified motion properties. This paper focuses on the type synthesis of a special family of PMs whose moving platform can undergo a(More)
One important category of parallel mechanisms is the translational parallel mechanism (TPM). This paper focuses on the structural shakiness of the non overconstrained TPM. Such a structural shakiness is due to the unavoidable lack of rigidity of the real bodies, which leads to uncheckable orientation changes of the moving platform of a TPM. Using algebraic(More)
The moving platform of an RPR-equivalent parallel mechanism (PM) can undergo a 3-degree-of-freedom (DOF) motion that is the product of a rotation followed by a translation and another rotation. A 5-DOF hybrid parallel manipulator can be developed by adding an x-y gantry or an RR serial mechanism to an RPR-equivalent PM, which is suitable for manipulations(More)