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Ship Dynamic Positioning system's Thruster Allocation is a nonlinear programming problem with nonlinear equality and inequality. In practice, thrusters will be unbalancing worn with allocated unbalancing thruster forces. And when one thruster failures, dynamic positioning capability is hard to be recovered under allocated unbalancing thruster forces. In(More)
—In this paper, Simulation of a class ofˆIto system with distributed parameter is discussed. Difference schemes for the numerical computation ofˆIto system are obtained. The precision of the difference scheme and the efficiency of the difference scheme in simulation ofˆIto system with distributed parameter are analyzed. Examples are given to illustrate the(More)
In this paper, controller on dynamic positioning of nonlinear offshore platform under stochastic wave is designed based on rolling horizon optimization. In order to improve the efficiency of searching for optimum controller sequence, controller structure based on the output of proportional-integral-differential is brought out. The method above is of(More)
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