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Potent sequence selective gene inhibition by siRNA 'targeted' therapeutics promises the ultimate level of specificity, but siRNA therapeutics is hindered by poor intracellular uptake, limited blood stability and non-specific immune stimulation. To address these problems, ligand-targeted, sterically stabilized nanoparticles have been adapted for siRNA.(More)
To test the gearbox model of HAMP signalling in the Escherichia coli serine receptor, Tsr, we generated a series of amino acid replacements at each residue of the AS1 and AS2 helices. The residues most critical for Tsr function defined hydrophobic packing faces consistent with a four-helix bundle. Suppression patterns of helix lesions conformed to the(More)
HAMP domains mediate input-output communication in many bacterial signalling proteins. To explore the dynamic bundle model of HAMP signalling (Zhou et al., Mol. Microbiol. 73: 801, 2009), we characterized the signal outputs of 118 HAMP missense mutants of the serine chemoreceptor, Tsr, by flagellar rotation patterns. Receptors with proline or charged amino(More)
The asteroid impact near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on 15 February 2013 was the largest airburst on Earth since the 1908 Tunguska event, causing a natural disaster in an area with a population exceeding one million. Because it occurred in an era with modern consumer electronics, field sensors, and laboratory techniques, unprecedented measurements were(More)
A practical means for unobtrusive and ubiquitous detection and monitoring of heart and respiration activity from a distance could be a powerful tool for health care, emergency, and surveillance applications, yet remains a largely unrealized goal. Without the need for contact or subject preparation (special clothing, attachments, etc.), this could better(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of the heat wave in 2005 on mortality among the residents in Guangzhou and to identify susceptible subpopulations in Guangzhou, China. METHODS The data of daily number of deaths and meteorological measures from 2003 to 2006 in Guangzhou were used in this study. Heat wave was defined as ⋝7 consecutive days with daily maximum(More)
HAMP domains mediate input-output transactions in many bacterial signalling proteins. To clarify the mechanistic logic of HAMP signalling, we constructed Tsr-HAMP deletion derivatives and characterized their steady-state signal outputs and sensory adaptation properties with flagellar rotation and receptor methylation assays. Tsr molecules lacking the entire(More)
Van der Waals coupling is emerging as a powerful method to engineer physical properties of atomically thin two-dimensional materials. In coupled graphene-graphene and graphene-boron nitride layers, interesting physical phenomena ranging from Fermi velocity renormalization to Hofstadter's butterfly pattern have been demonstrated. Atomically thin transition(More)
HAMP domains are approximately 50-residue motifs, found in many bacterial signaling proteins, that consist of two amphiphilic helices joined by a nonhelical connector segment. The HAMP domain of Tsr, the serine chemoreceptor of Escherichia coli, receives transmembrane input signals from the periplasmic serine binding domain and in turn modulates output(More)