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There are numerous applications which require packets to be delivered within pre-specified delay bounds in point-to-point packet-switched networks. To meet this requirement, we define a real-time channel as a unidirectional connection between two nodes in such a network that guarantees every packet to be delivered before a user-defined, end-to-end deadline.(More)
Synchronous messages are usually generated periodically and each of them is required to be transmitted before the generation of the next message. Due to the inherent deficiency in its Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol, an FDDI token ring can use at most one half of its ring bandwidth to transmit such synchronous traffic. This deficiency greatly reduces(More)
DART is an ATM Network Interface Controller chip designed for both high bandwidth and low overhead communication. Innovative features are direct, protected application access to/from the network, host-assisted flow control, and m̈essage processingf̈or flexible low overhead communication mechanisms. DART is being manufactured as a commercial product by(More)
Iron is critical for virtually all forms of life. The production of high-affinity iron chelators, siderophores, and the subsequent uptake of iron-siderophore complexes are a common strategy employed by microorganisms to acquire iron. Staphylococcus aureus produces siderophores but genetic information underlying their synthesis and transport is limited.(More)
It is well-known that an FDDI token ring network provides a guaranteed throughput for synchronous messages and a bounded medium access delay for each node/station. However, this fact alone cannot e ectively support many real-time applications that require the timely delivery of each critical message. The reason for this is that the FDDI guarantees a medium(More)
In order to realize real-time communication over Ethernet or fast Ethernet, one must be able to bound the medium access time within an acceptable limit. The multiple access nature of an Ethernet makes it impossible to guarantee a deterministic medium access time (hence packet delivery deadlines) to individual stations. However, one can bound the medium(More)
DNMT3B plays a crucial role in the generation of aberrant methylation during carcinogenesis. Polymorphisms in the DNMT3B gene may influence the DNA methylation enzymatic activity of DNMT3B, thereby modulating the susceptibility to AML. Thus, we investigated the association between SNPs in the DNMT3Bgene and their haplotypes with the risk of AML in the(More)
Bone cancer pain has a strong impact on the quality of life of patients, but is difficult to treat. Better understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying bone cancer pain will likely lead to the development of more effective treatments. In the present study, we investigated whether inhibition of KCNQ/M channels contributed to the hyperexcitability of(More)
In this research we have compared the differences in perceptions of small and medium-sized enterprises against large enterprises. The methodology, employed was cross-sectional survey of Tanzanian enterprises engaged in agricultural processing. The findings clearly show that SMEs give less attention to supply chain management strategies, also reluctant to(More)