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Copy Number Variations (CNVs) have been shown important in both normal phenotypic variability and disease susceptibility, and are increasingly accepted as another important source of genetic variation complementary to single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). Comprehensive identification and cataloging of pig CNVs would be of benefit to the functional analyses(More)
Copy number variations (CNVs) are widespread in the human or animal genome and are a significant source of genetic variation, which has been demonstrated to play an important role in phenotypic diversity. Advances in technology have allowed for identification of a large number of CNVs in cattle. Comprehensive explore novel CNVs in the bovine genome would(More)
Given the rapid development of plant genomic technologies, a lack of access to plant phenotyping capabilities limits our ability to dissect the genetics of quantitative traits. Effective, high-throughput phenotyping platforms have recently been developed to solve this problem. In high-throughput phenotyping platforms, a variety of imaging methodologies are(More)
Coupling fermentation with in situ foam fractionation may be beneficial to cellulase production in optimizing oligomer inducer generation, minimizing catabolite repression and reducing cellulase degradation by proteases. In this study, the potential factors that may affect the foaming behavior of broth from Trichoderma reesei Rut C-30 fermentation were(More)
Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are the most prevalent human birth defects. More than 85% of CHDs are thought to result from a combination of genetic susceptibilities and environmental stress. However, the stress-related signalling pathways involved remain largely unknown. The p53 transcription factor is a key tumour suppressor and a central regulator of(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel nonparallel hyperplane classifier, named ν-nonparallel support vector machine (ν-NPSVM), for binary classification. Based on our recently proposed method, i.e., nonparallel support vector machine (NPSVM), which has been proved superior to the twin support vector machines, ν-NPSVM is parameterized by the quantity ν to let(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence of Internet addiction in a nationally representative sample of Chinese elementary and middle school students and to investigate Internet addiction among Internet users with different usages. The data were from the National Children's Study of China (NCSC) in which 24,013 fourth- to ninth-grade students(More)
In China, the reference population of genotyped Holstein cattle is relatively small with to date, 80 bulls and 2091 cows genotyped with the Illumina 54 K chip. Including genotyped Holstein cattle from other countries in the reference population could improve the accuracy of genomic prediction of the Chinese Holstein population. This study investigated the(More)
Chemicals called safeners protect cereal crops from herbicide toxicity. Proteomic methods (2-D PAGE and LC-MS/MS) were utilized to identify safener- and/or herbicide-regulated proteins in three tissues (root, leaf, and coleoptile) of Triticum tauschii seedlings to better understand a safener's mechanism of action. Growth experiments showed that the safener(More)