Qin Xu

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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is considered as a neurodegenerative disorder of the brain central nervous system. But, to date, few studies adopted the network model to reveal topological changes in brain structural networks in PD patients. Additionally, although the concept of rich club organization has been widely used to study brain networks in various brain(More)
HIV-1 integrase (IN) is essential for HIV-1 replication, catalyzing two key reaction steps termed 3' processing and strand transfer. Therefore, IN has become an important target for antiviral drug discovery. However, mutants have emerged, such as E92Q/N155H and G140S/Q148H, which confer resistance to raltegravir (RAL), the first IN strand transfer inhibitor(More)
—The MGT fluid model has been used extensively to guide designs of AQM schemes aiming to alleviate adverse effects of Internet congestion. In this paper, we provide a new analysis of a TCP/AQM system that aims to improve the accuracy of the MGT fluid model especially in heavy traffic conditions. The analysis is based on the consideration of two extreme(More)