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The network delay upper-bound analysis problem is of fundamental importance to real-time applications in Network-on-Chip (NoC). In the paper, we revisit a state-of-the-art analysis model for real-time communication in wormhole NoC with priority-based preemptive arbitration and show that the model may provide pessimistic or even incorrect network delay(More)
This paper considers online energy-efficient scheduling of virtual machines (VMs) for Cloud data centers. Each request is associated with a start-time, an end-time, a processing time and a capacity demand from a Physical Machine (PM). The goal is to schedule all of the requests non-preemptively in their start-time-end-time windows, subjecting to PM capacity(More)
—Cloud Data centers aim to provide reliable, sustainable and scalable services for all kinds of applications. Resource scheduling is one of keys to cloud services. To model and evaluate different scheduling policies and algorithms, we propose FlexCloud, a flexible and scalable simulator that enables users to simulate the process of initializing cloud data(More)
Anycast is proposed in IPv6 as a new communication model and becoming increasingly important. Anycast refers to the transmission of data from a source node to (any) one member in the group of designed recipients in a network. The QoS anycast routing problem is a nonlinear combination optimization problem, which is proved to be a NP complete problem. A(More)
—The traveling salesman problem (TSP) is one of the most challenging NP-hard problems. It has widely applications in various disciplines such as physics, biology, computer science and so forth. The best known approximation algorithm for Symmetric TSP (STSP) whose cost matrix satisfies the triangle inequality (called STSP) is Christofides algorithm which was(More)
NP complete problem is one of the most challenging issues. The question of whether all problems in NP are also in P is generally considered one of the most important open questions in mathematics and theoretical computer science as it has far-reaching consequences to other problems in mathematics, computer science, biology, philosophy and cryptography.(More)
In this paper, we characterize a state-of-the-art 3D floating gate NAND flash memory through comprehensive experiments on an FPGA platform. Then, we present distinct observations on performance and reliability, such as operation latencies and various error patterns. We believe that through our work, novel 3D NAND flash-oriented designs can be developed to(More)
Urban landmarks are frequently used in way-finding and representations of spatial knowledge. However, assessing the salience of urban landmarks is difficult. Moreover, no method exists to rapidly extract urban landmarks from basic geographic information databases. The goal of this paper is to solve these problems from the dual aspects of spatial knowledge(More)
NAND flash memory has decreasing storage reliability, as the density or program/erase (P/E) cycle increases. To ensure data integrity, error correction codes (ECCs) are widely employed and typically stored in the out-of-band area (OOB) of flash pages. However, the worst-case oriented ECC is largely under-utilized in the early stage (small P/E cycles), and(More)