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ZigBee focuses on low cost, low power and low data rate wireless communication market. It is embedded into consumer electronic devices, home and building automation device, industrial control equipment, PC peripheral, medical sensor and toys. CC2420 is a RF transceiver from Chipcon (now belong to TI) and LPC213X is a 32-bit MCU (ARM7TDMI-S) supporting(More)
We apply the fuzzy control method to the temperature control system with moisture analyzer because of its uncertainty and variation in the parameters and nonlinear lag. Fuzzy control has fast response speed, short regulation time and strong robustness. But it has a steady-state error mainly because the fuzzy control rules are based on the designers'(More)
Considering the deficiencies of FIR adaptive filter feedforward control method applied in active vibration control for smart structures, a reference signal that has high correlation with the vibration noise source is needed as well as the adaptive filter's output does not affect the reference signal. Taken piezoelectric smart plate structure as simulation(More)
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