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We d escribe an improved method of integrating a udio and visual information in a HMM-based audiovisual ASR system. The m ethod uses a modied semicontinuous HMM (SCHMM) for integration and recognition. Our results show substantial improvements over earlier integration methods at high noise levels. Our integration method relies on the assumption that, as(More)
The efficient, stable delivery of siRNA into cells, and the appropriate controls for non-specific off-target effects of siRNA are major limitations to functional studies using siRNA technology. To overcome these drawbacks, we have developed a single lentiviral vector that can concurrently deplete endogenous gene expression while expressing an epitope-tagged(More)
BACKGROUND Highly multiplexed assays for quantitation of RNA transcripts are being used in many areas of biology and medicine. Using data generated by these transcriptomic assays requires measurement assurance with appropriate controls. Methods to prototype and evaluate multiple RNA controls were developed as part of the External RNA Controls Consortium(More)
Based on the principle of innovative alliance formation process of virtual enterprise cooperative projects, the risk management models including the process of brainchild project market risk and virtual enterprise project cooperation design, co-manufacturing process, and co-marketing process are established. Also, their risk factors definition,(More)
This paper puts forth a model of the transportation and inventory integration and optimization problem based on system and optimal theory which we take into account the antinomy relationship of transportation and inventory and the antinomy relationship of inventory and stock-out in supply chain logistics system. We consider that the resources available and(More)