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Crystal structure of a folate energy-coupling factor transporter from Lactobacillus brevis
A transport model that involves a substantial conformational change of FolT is proposed, and two conserved XRX motifs from the coupling helices of EcfT have a vital role in energy coupling by docking into EcfA–EcfA′. Expand
Bioassay and ultraperformance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry guided isolation of apoptosis-inducing benzophenones and xanthone from the pericarp of Garcinia yunnanensis Hu.
  • Gang Xu, Chao Feng, +7 authors H. Xu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 14 November 2008
It is noteworthy that oblongifolin C (4), the major constituent of this plant, has proved to be the most active one among the isolates for inducing apoptotic cell death in cervical cancer derived HeLa-C3 sensor cells. Expand
Novel Diterpenoids from Salvia dugesii
Two novel rearranged clerodane diterpenoids, dugesin A (1) and dugesin B (2), were isolated from the aerial parts of Salvia dugesii, together with five known clerodane diterpenoids: isosalvipuberulinExpand
Two new tirucallane triterpenoids from the leaves of Aquilaria sinensis
Two new tirucallane triterpenoids, aquilacallanes A–B and 5,7,4′-trimethoxyflavone, together with 15 known compounds were isolated from the leaves of Aquilaria sinensis and their structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analyses. Expand
Structure and anti-HIV activity of micrandilactones B and C, new nortriterpenoids possessing a unique skeleton from Schisandra micrantha.
Two new highly oxygenated nortriterpenoids with a unique norcycloartane skeleton, micrandilactones B and C, were isolated from Schisandra micrantha, and the potent anti-HIV-1 activity and unique structural features of make it a promising lead for therapeutic development of a new generation of anti-hIV drug. Expand
Two new abietane diterpenoids from Salvia yunnanensis.
Two new abietane diterpenoids, yunnannin A and danshenol C, were isolated from Salvia yunnanensis and their structures were established based on spectroscopic data, chemical reactions and comparison with literature data. Expand
New isoprenylated flavones, artochamins A--E, and cytotoxic principles from Artocarpus chama.
Five new isoprenylated flavones, artochamins A-E (1-5), together with eight known flavones (6-13), were isolated from the roots of Artocarpus chama. All structures were elucidated by spectroscopicExpand
Terpenoids from Salvia trijuga.
Nine new germacrane sesquiterpenes, trijugins A-I (1-9), a new lupane triterpenoid, 3alpha-O-acetyl-20(29)-lupen-2alpha-ol (10), and 24 known terpenoids were isolated from Salvia trijuga. TheExpand
Chaetoglobosin Y, a new cytochalasan from Chaetomium globosum.
The cytotoxicity to HCT-116 cell line of 2-7 was evaluated in vitro with doxorubicin as positive control and the structures were determined by detailed spectroscopic analyses and comparison with those of the closely related compounds previously reported. Expand
New cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory compounds isolated from Morus alba L.
Six Diels–Alder adducts and nine prenylated flavanones were isolated from the root bark of Morus alba L and soroceal B and sanggenol Q were new compounds, which were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic methods, including 1D and 2D NMR techniques. Expand