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Two-component signal transduction systems (TCSs) play fundamental roles in bacterial survival and pathogenesis and have been proposed as targets for the development of novel classes of antibiotics. A new coupled assay was developed and applied to analyse the kinetic mechanisms of three new kinds of inhibitors of TCS function. The assay exploits the(More)
Bacterial histidine kinases have been proposed as targets for the discovery of new antibiotics, yet few specific inhibitors of bacterial histidine kinases have been reported. We report here a novel thienopyridine (TEP) compound that inhibits bacterial histidine kinases competitively with respect to ATP but does not comparably inhibit mammalian(More)
The numerical solution of a nonlinear degenerate reaction–diffusion equation of the quenching type is investigated. While spatial derivatives are discretized over symmetric nonuniform meshes, a Peaceman–Rachford splitting method is employed to advance solutions of the semidiscretized system. The temporal step is determined adaptively through a suitable(More)