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A new type of non-uniform beam element taking into account shear deformation has been proposed for the analysis of non-uniform members with large height-span ratios in engineering structures. The expressions of element stiffness matrix and equivalent node load matrix for the non-uniform beam element are firstly derived on the basis of force method.(More)
The present study aimed to identify the involvement of critical genes in systemic vasculitis, to gain an improved understanding of the molecular circuity and to investigate novel potential gene targets for systemic vasculitis treatment. The dual‑color cDNA microarray data of GSE16945, consisting of peripheral mononuclear blood cell specimens from 13(More)
To improve the precision and convergence performance of the QPSO, this paper present a hybrid improved QPSO algorithm, called LTQPSO, by combining QPSO with the individual particle evolutionary rate, swarm dispersion and natural selection method. In LTQPSO, the individual particle evolutionary rate and swarm dispersion are used to approximate the objective(More)
Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) accumulation and hypertrophy are common in vascular disorders, and inflammation has a crucial role in the development of these diseases. To investigate the effect of inflammation on the neurotransmission of VSMC, bioinformatic analysis was performed, following next generation sequencing. Genes of lipopolysaccharide(More)
This paper presents results from an extensive experimental study on hydraulic performance of new rectangular bridge deck drains developed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Bridge Division. It fits between the deck reinforcement with the top of the drain flush with the bridge surface and does not interfere with the structural connection of(More)
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