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Decentralized and unstructured peer-to-peer networks such as Gnutella are attractive for certain applications because they require no centralized directories and no precise control over network topology or data placement. However, the flooding-based query algorithm used in Gnutella does not scale; each query generates a large amount of traffic and large(More)
Similarity indices for high-dimensional data are very desirable for building content-based search systems for feature-rich data such as audio, images, videos, and other sensor data. Recently, locality sensitive hashing (LSH) and its variations have been proposed as indexing techniques for approximate similarity search. A significant drawback of these(More)
People spend approximately 70% of their time indoors. Understanding the indoor environments is therefore important for a wide range of emerging mobile personal and social applications. Knowledge of indoor floorplans is often required by these applications. However, indoor floorplans are either unavailable or obtaining them requires slow, tedious, and(More)
Group recommendation, which makes recommendations to a group of users instead of individuals, has become increasingly important in both the workspace and people's social activities, such as brainstorming sessions for coworkers and social TV for family members or friends. Group recommendation is a challenging problem due to the dynamics of group memberships(More)
People spend the majority of their time indoors, and human indoor activities are strongly correlated with the rooms they are in. Room localization, which identifies the room a person or mobile phone is in, provides a powerful tool for characterizing human indoor activities and helping address challenges in public health, productivity, building management,(More)
Cyberbullying has emerged as an important and growing social problem, wherein people use online social networks and mobile phones to bully victims with offensive text, images, audio and video on a 24/7 basis. This paper studies negative user behavior in the Ask.fm social network, a popular new site that has led to many cases of cyberbullying, some leading(More)
Sketches are compact data structures that can be used to estimate properties of the original data in building large-scale search engines and data analysis systems. Recent theoretical and experimental studies have shown that sketches constructed from feature vectors using randomized projections can effectively approximate L1 distance on the feature vectors(More)