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Atmospheric deposition of Hg(II) represents a major input of mercury to surface environments. The phase of Hg(II) (gas or particle) has important implications for deposition. We use long-term observations of reactive gaseous mercury (RGM, the gaseous component of Hg(II)), particle-bound mercury (PBM, the particulate component of Hg(II)), fine particulate(More)
We use a global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem CTM) to interpret observations of black carbon (BC) and organic aerosol (OA) from the NASA ARCTAS aircraft campaign over the North American Arctic in April 2008, as well as longer-term records in surface air and in snow (2007– 2009). BC emission inventories for North America, Europe, and Asia in the model(More)
A spectral mixture analysis experiment was designed to compare the spectral unmixing effects of linear spectral mixture analysis (LSMA) and constraint linear spectral mixture analysis (CLSMA). In the experiment, red, green, blue and yellow colors were printed on a coarse album as four end members. Thirty nine mixed samples were made according to each end(More)
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