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A new and efficient route for synthesis of enantiomerically pure biisoindoline and its isomer based on the diaza-Cope rearrangement reaction with chiral 1,2-bis(2-hydroxylphenyl)-1,2-diaminoethane as starting material has been developed. The newly prepared biisoindoline was employed as a chiral ligand in the Ni(II)-catalyzed enantioselective Michael(More)
In this paper, 1-D Local binary patterns (LBP) are proposed to be used in speech signal segmentation and voice activation detection (VAD)and combined with hidden Markov model (HMM) for advanced speech recognition. Speech is firstly de-noised by Adaptive Empirical Model Decomposition (AEMD), and then processed using LBP based VAD. The short-time energy of(More)
A sol-gel template technique has been put forward to synthesize single-crystalline semiconductor oxide nanowires, such as n-type SnO2 and p-type NiO. Scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy observations show that the oxide nanowires are single-crystal with average diameters in the range of 100-300 nm and lengths of over 10 microm.(More)
An efficient protocol for the generation of amines by palladium-catalyzed nucleophilic benzylic addition of 2-methyl-substituted azaarenes to N-sulfonyl aldimines under neutral conditions via C-H bond activation has been developed. This reaction represents a very efficient methodology for the synthesis of heterocycle-containing amines and thus opens a new(More)
The development of practical and efficient chiral catalytic systems for asymmetric organic reactions is one of the most important subjects in synthetic organic chemistry. In general, conformationally rigid chiral ligands proved to be extremely useful for the construction of a good oriented and fixed chiral environment around the metal center, which could(More)
Improved automatic speech recognition (ASR) in babble noise conditions continues to pose major challenges. In this paper, we propose a new local binary pattern (LBP) based speech presence indicator (SPI) to distinguish speech and non-speech components. Babble noise is subsequently estimated using recursive averaging. In the speech enhancement system(More)
In this paper, Kinect based sensors are used to enable automatic animal detection for monitoring and assessment the growth of livestock. Benefitted from the fast developing 3-D machine vision devices and techniques, it is liable to detect the object using the point cloud data. In the present work, a Kinect sensor is installed on the roof of the pig pen to(More)
A cooperative catalytic system established by the combination of an iron salt and a chiral Brønsted acid has proven to be effective in the asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation of indoles with beta-aryl alpha'-hydroxy enones. Good to excellent yields and enatioselectivities were observed for a variety of alpha'-hydroxy enones and indoles, particularly for(More)
An efficient base-catalyzed synthesis of arylated pyridines has been disclosed. This reaction involving conjugated acetylenes and substituted benzylamines proceeded smoothly, giving rise to tri-aryl substituted pyridines which are biologically relevant compounds in good to excellent yields in N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) under air at 140 °C with K₂CO₃ as(More)
A novel and catalyst-free multicomponent reaction with cyclic tertiary amines, electron-deficient aryl halides or heteroaromatic halides, and Na2 S enabled by facile C-N bond cleavage of the cyclic tertiary amines was developed. This direct and operationally simple method can be applied with a wide range of functional groups and provides an efficient and(More)
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