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Dynamic Differential Evolution algorithm using composite mutation strategies and parameter values self-adaptation (COSADDE) was proposed to solve complex optimization problems. For mutation, a strategy candidate pool including three trial vector generation strategies is constructed where one strategy is chosen for each target vector in the current(More)
Automatic 3D unorganized points data registration technique, which maps data clouds measured from multiple viewpoints into a common coordinate space, is an key teclinical on reverse engineering. In order to improve the matching speed of large amount of data, a detecting method with parallel diffrential evolution algorithm based on CUDA architechure was(More)
A integrated matching method with DE and ICP algorithm was proposed to match partly overlapped data clouds measured from different viewpoints. Firstly, data clouds were roughly matched with DE algorithm method and then ICP algorithm method was employed in the accuracy registration. In differential evolution, quaternion method was used to decrease the(More)
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