Qilong Zheng

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Sample based texture synthesis allows the generation of arbitrarily sized textures based on a small sample image. One main drawback of the technique is that a new pixel or patch is selected only considering local information in the generated texture. Thus structural error can't assure to be avoided for structural textures. To accelerate texture synthesis(More)
Record and Replay technique has been proved an effective solution to cyclic debugging of nondeterministic parallel program. Because of nondeterminism, a parallel program given the same inputs on successive runs can sometimes produces different results. In this paper; an optimal record and replay technique is presented, which produces less overhead in time(More)
With the increasing popularity of shared-memory programming model, especially at the advent of multicore processors, applications need to become more concurrent to take advantage of the increased computational power provided by chip level multiprocessing. Traditionally locks are used to enforce data dependence and timing constraints between the various(More)
This paper presents a compiling optimization for FFT program on multi-cluster DSP based on analysis of memory address. We transform the loops in order to reduce the number of instructions in the innermost loop. The interrelationship between each two memory access operations can be acquired via analysis of the base address and offset of every load or store(More)
With the increasing popularity of shared-memory programming model, especially at the advent of Multi-Core processors, more and more programmers hope to write parallel multithread programs conveniently and effectively with the help of parallel multithread programming interface. Unfortunately, these interfaces are not well accepted by sequential programmers,(More)
Multi-core processors can easily provide benefits for multithreaded workloads, but many applications written for uniprocessors cannot automatically benefit from chip multiprocessors (CMP) designs. This paper presents a reverse compilation framework, which translates existing binary code without source code to the static single assignment (SSA) form, and(More)
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