Qilong Zhang

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We describe theoretical and experimental results for the extrinsic calibration of sensor platform consisting of a camera and a 2D laser range finder. The calibration is based on observing a planar checkerboard pattern and solving for constraints between the "views" of a planar checkerboard calibration pattern from a camera and laser range finder. We give a(More)
This paper describes a framework for calibrating motion sensitive sensors attached to an autonomous vehicle. Based on camera auto-calibration techniques, we derive constraints relating sensor measurements to the relative position and orientation of different sensors. For the case of a camera and laser range finder, we present an auto-calibration algorithm(More)
Cardiopulmonary imaging is a key tool in modern diagnostic and interventional medicine. Automated analysis of MRI or ultrasound video is complicated by limitations on the image quality and complicated deformations of the chest cavity created by patient breathing and heart beating. When these are the primary causes of image variation, the video sequence(More)
The idea of Support Vector Machine (SVM) is to project the primal data which are not separable in the primal space into a new high dimensional feature space by a nonlinear function, so that the data can be separated in the new space correctly. But sometimes the result is not satisfied. In order to improve the accuracy, a two-layer SVM is put forward in the(More)
This paper considers the geometric constraints to combine structure from motion with a sparse set of depth measurements. The goal is to improve the motion estimation for autonomous navigation, and to increase the fidelity of reconstructed 3D scene models. The system is implemented on an iRobot-B2ir Robot with a video camera and a planar laser range finder(More)
Wireless location system based on UWB signals has been widely utilized by wireless network recently, especially for the indoor scenarios where GPS signal has been heavily attenuated. However, due to the requirement of ultra wideband signals, existing location system usually faces problems including complexity, robust and cost, which limit the potential(More)