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Through time, we have seen mobile phones transform into multifaceted devices, adapted to meet and exceed our everyday needs. These needs range from something as personal as a health care manager to something as purely analytical as an environment monitor. In effect, mobile phones have come into our lives, making life easier, smarter, and more efficient. In(More)
In this paper, we formalize and prove the correctness of a concurrency control algorithm for accessing to temporal data model in real-time database. A checking mechanism is proposed based on the semantic information of transaction deferrable time comparing transaction deadline with data deadline. The concurrency control algorithm improves the performance of(More)
The rising popularity of mobile social media enables personalization of various content sharing and subscribing services. These two types of services entail serious privacy concerns not only to the confidentiality of shared content, but also to the privacy of end users such as their identities, interests and social relationships. Previous works established(More)
Influence maximization is one of the most fundamental problems in social network analysis due to its significant impact on viral marketing and targeted advertisements. Considerable amount of works has extensively studied to analyze the influence in social networks, but most of the existing works unfortunately neglected the fact that the location information(More)
The content of data of medical images are quite rich and include a large amount of hidden knowledge and patterns which is difficult for users to discover. In order to solve this problem, this paper firstly clusters the region of interest (ROI) extracted from the medical images and marks these images using these clustered ROI. Then we present Diff_FP-growth(More)
Image mining is a growing research focus and is more than just an extension of data mining to image domain but an interdisciplinary endeavor. Very few people have systematically investigated this field. Mining association rules in medical images is an important part in domain- specific application image mining because there are several technical aspects(More)