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The concept of green computing has begun to spread in the past few years, gaining increasing popularity. Besides the widespread sensitivity to ecological issues, such interest also stems from economic needs, since both energy costs and electrical requirements of IT industry around the world show a continuously growing trend. In this paper, we first discuss(More)
Currently collaborative filtering i has been widespread used to solve the problem of information overload. However there still remain two major limitations, data sparsity and scalability. In this paper, we explore a new collaborative filtering algorithm to. solve the problem of data scalability and improve the predication accuracy. It uses a binary tree to(More)
— Since its emergence, smart grid has been given increasingly widespread attentions. Basically, smart grid combines a various modern technologies like network communication, information processing and distributed control to provide a more secure, reliable and intelligent grid, thus meeting the requirements of future social and economic development. As a new(More)
Ensuring reliable access to clean and affordable water is one of the greatest global challenges of this century. As the world's population increases, water pollution becomes more complex and difficult to remove, and global climate change threatens to exacerbate water scarcity in many areas, the magnitude of this challenge is rapidly increasing. Wastewater(More)
Adsorption of organic foulants on nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane surfaces strongly affects subsequent fouling behavior by modifying the membrane surface. In this study, impact on organic foulant adsorption of specific chemistries including those in commercial thin-film composite membranes was investigated using self-assembled(More)
Recent advances in wireless networking technologies and mobile computing devices have engendered a new paradigm of computing, mobile computing. In the meantime, applications on these mobile devices also present some challenges to software designers. In order to cope with these challenges, many research efforts have been focused on a new middleware system(More)
Internet provides lots of information which is useful for recommender systems. Recommender systems are mostly used where web information is available in abundance in applications like book ecommerce. There exists many approaches to achieve recommendations like basic techniques of collaborative filtering and content based approach. These approaches can be(More)
A bi-functional nano-composite coating has been created on a porous Nomex® fabric support as a trap for aspirated virus contaminated water. Nomex® fabric was successively dip-coated in solutions containing cysteic acid functionalized alumina (alumoxane) nanoparticles and cysteic acid functionalized iron oxide (ferroxane) nanoparticles to form a nanoparticle(More)
As applications become more distributed and complex, the probability of faults undoubtedly increases. Distributed systems often face some challenges, such as node failure, object crash, network partition, value fault in applications, and so on. To support designers building dependable applications, research in the field of middleware systems has(More)