Qilan Zhao

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On the basis of analyzing the logistics service capability, this paper particularly analyses the logistics capability of the third party logistics. According to the principle of the software Capability Maturity Model (CMM), the Third Party Logistics Service Capability Maturity Model (3PL-SCMM) is put forward. 3PL-SCMM is divided into five ranks, the key(More)
Customer service satisfaction has become one of cores of modern service industry competition. An accurate evaluation of customer service satisfaction is a base to improve the service quality. This paper construct the service quality evaluation system of fast food industry based on the customer's point of view, and put forward the questionnaire of service(More)
With the fast development of logistics in our country, the competition between logistics companies becomes more and more fierce. In order to adapt to the change of environment, the third party logistics strategic alliance becomes a necessary trend. The strategic alliances and third party's logistics all have been studied more in the management science(More)
Science and technology industry clusters in the process of collaborative innovation put up many characteristics, such as network coordination, benefit-sharing, risk-sharing and other special dynamic complexity. By studying the features above, to establish a model that is based on innovation chain of science and technology industry cluster's sustainable(More)
It is difficult for the general market supply to satisfy the huge emergency material demand under disruption events, which can be met by the productivity reserve. In this paper, we take the government as the main responsibility for emergency supplies under the premise of mutually beneficial cooperation between the government and the enterprise, and we(More)
Storage assignment policy will directly affect the order-picking efficiency and logistics cost in an automated warehouse. Based on the traditional storage assignment policies which are focused on the storage frequency, we take workload balance into consideration and propose two new storage assignment policies for the automated warehouse. By analyzing and(More)
Drawing on theresource-based view (RBV), this study explores the capabilities portfolio of logistics service providers (LSPs) and sustainable competitive advantage. Cement transportation, as a kind of logistics services are selected, and the research model are built to analyze the portfolio of transport capabilities. Results show that different service(More)
For inventory control strategy, the more common side strategy is centralized inventory control strategy and decentralized inventory control strategy. In this paper, multiple retailers on the supply chain are chose as research objects to study the inventory control strategy under random demand of these retailers in a multi-period inventory system.(More)