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A transparent and stretchable all-graphene multifunctional electronic-skin sensor matrix is developed. Three different functional sensors are included in this matrix: humidity, thermal, and pressure sensors. These are judiciously integrated into a layer-by-layer geometry through a simple lamination process.
A novel device architecture for preparing a transparent and low-voltage graphene pressure-sensor matrix on plastic and rubber substrates is demonstrated. The coplanar gate configuration of the graphene transistor enables a simplified procedure. The resulting devices exhibit excellent device performance, including a high transparency of ca. 80% in the(More)
Dr. Q. Sun, B. J. Kim, Prof. S.-W. Kim, Prof. J. H. Cho SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT) Sungkyunkwan University Suwon 440-746 , South Korea E-mail: kimsw1@skku.edu; jhcho94@skku.edu W. Seung, Prof. S.-W. Kim School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Sungkyunkwan University Suwon 440-746 , South Korea Prof. J. H. Cho School of(More)
An ultrathin conductive adhesion promoter using positively charged reduced graphene oxide (rGO-NH3(+)) has been demonstrated for preparing highly stable silver nanowire transparent conductive electrodes (AgNW TCEs). The adhesion promoter rGO-NH3(+), spray coated between the substrate and AgNWs, significantly enhances the chemical and mechanical stabilities(More)
One-dimensional (1D) nano/microwires have attracted significant attention as promising building blocks for various electronic and optical device applications. The integration of these elements into functional device networks with controlled alignment and density presents a significant challenge for practical device applications. Here, we demonstrated the(More)
Here, a single-device demonstration of novel hybrid architecture is reported to achieve programmable transistor nodes which have analogies to flash memory by incorporating a resistive switching random access memory (RRAM) device as a resistive switch gate for field effect transistor (FET) on a flexible substrate. A high performance flexible RRAM with a(More)
A simple photochemical reaction based on confined photocatalytic oxidation (CPO) treatment and hydrolysis was employed to efficiently convert C-H bonds into C-OH groups on polymeric material surfaces, followed by investigation of monolayer self-assembly decoration on polymeric dielectrics via chemical bonding for the organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)(More)
In this work, we have reported for the first time a facile route for developing solution-processed Al2O3 film at a greatly reduced processing temperature and studied its applications in producing inverted polymer solar cells (PSCs). These PSCs using Al2O3 thin film as the electron-extraction layer demonstrated improved diode characteristics and achieved a(More)
Recently, 2D materials exhibit great potential for humidity sensing applications due to the fact that almost all atoms are at the surface. Therefore, the quality of the material surface becomes the key point for sensitive perception. This study reports an integrated, highly sensitive humidity sensors array based on large-area, uniform single-layer(More)
Flexible sensors that efficiently detect various stimuli relevant to specific environmental or biological species have been extensively studied due to their great potential for the Internet of Things and wearable electronics applications. The application of flexible and stretchable electronics to device-engineering technologies has enabled the fabrication(More)