Qihua Niu

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We extend the techniques of Kiltz et al. (in ASIACRYPT 2010) and Galindo et al. (in SAC 2012) to construct two efficient leakage-resilient signature schemes. Our schemes based on Boneh-Lynn-Shacham (BLS) short signature and Waters signature schemes, respectively. Both of them are more efficient than Galindo et al.'s scheme, and can tolerate leakage of (1 −(More)
Garg, Jain, and Sahai first consider zero knowledge proofs in the presence of leakage on the local state of the prover, and present a leakage-resilient-zero-knowledge proof system for HC (Hamiltonian Cycle) problem. Their construction is called (1 + ε)-leakage-resilient zero-knowledge, for any constant ε > 0, because the total length of the leakage the(More)
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