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Natural Convection in a Rectangular Enclosure with Sinusoidal Temperature Distributions on both Side Walls
A two-dimensional steady and laminar natural convection in an air-filled (Pr = 0.7) rectangular enclosure is investigated numerically. The horizontal walls are thermally insulated and the verticalExpand
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Can commonly-used fan-driven air cleaning technologies improve indoor air quality? A literature review
Abstract Air cleaning techniques have been applied worldwide with the goal of improving indoor air quality. The effectiveness of applying these techniques varies widely, and pollutant removalExpand
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Numerical visualization of mass and heat transport for conjugate natural convection/heat conduction by streamline and heatline
Abstract The method of numerical visualization of mass and heat transport for convective heat transfer by streamlines and heatlines are comprehensively studied. Functions are directly defined inExpand
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Evaluation of calculation methods of mean skin temperature for use in thermal comfort study
Abstract A method was established to evaluate calculation methods of mean skin temperature, in order to find appropriate ones for use in human thermal comfort study. In this method three indexes,Expand
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Ten cities cross-sectional questionnaire survey of children asthma and other allergies in China
Asthma, rhinitis and eczema (allergic or non-allergic) have increased throughout the world during the last decades, especially among children. Changes in the indoor environment are suspected to beExpand
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The effects of urban microclimate on outdoor thermal sensation and neutral temperature in hot-summer and cold-winter climate
Abstract This study investigated the effects of four important microclimate parameters on outdoor thermal sensation and neutral temperature. A long term (almost 2 years) field investigation wasExpand
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Early life exposure to traffic-related air pollution and allergic rhinitis in preschool children.
BACKGROUND Evidence linking long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution with allergic rhinitis (AR) in children is scare, and the role of components of air pollution and timing of exposure remainsExpand
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The effects of PM2.5 on asthmatic and allergic diseases or symptoms in preschool children of six Chinese cities, based on China, Children, Homes and Health (CCHH) project.
The urbanization and industrialization in China is accompanied by bad air quality, and the prevalence of asthma in Chinese children has been increasing in recent years. To investigate theExpand
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Exposure to outdoor air pollution during trimesters of pregnancy and childhood asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema.
BACKGROUND Mounting evidence suggests that exposure to ambient air pollution is associated with the development of childhood allergic diseases, but the effect of prenatal exposure to air pollution onExpand
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Particle deposition in the human lung: Health implications of particulate matter from different sources
Abstract Although ambient particulate matter or particles have been found to be associated with morbidity and mortality all over the world, specific health effects of particles from different sourcesExpand
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