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Powdery mildew is an important disease of rubber trees caused by Oidium heveae B. A. Steinmann. As far as we know, none of the resistance genes related to powdery mildew have been isolated from the rubber tree. There is little information available at the molecular level regarding how a rubber tree develops defense mechanisms against this pathogen. We have(More)
A liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) can be regarded as an integration of mesogenic molecules into a polymer network. The LCE can generate large mechanical actuation when subjected to various external stimuli. Recently, it has been extensively explored to make artificial muscle and multifunctional devices. However, in the commonly adopted two-step crosslinking(More)
Using the freeze-drying method, we fabricated porous double network gels with high toughness, high stretchability and fast solvent-absorption. When the freezing temperature was -20 °C and the freezing time was 24 hours, pores with diameters around 300 μm could form in the gel. When the freezing temperature was lowered to -196 °C and the freezing time was(More)
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