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Growing demand for energy-efficient, high-performance systems has resulted in the growth of innovative heterogeneous computing system architectures that use FPGAs. FPGA-based architectures enable designers to implement custom instruction streams executing on potentially thousands of compute elements. Traditionally, FPGAs have been used as compute elements(More)
With the world's focus on reducing our dependency on fossil-fuel energy, the scientific community can investigate new plastic materials that are much less dependent on petroleum than are conventional plastics. Given increasing environmental issues, the idea of replacing plastics with water-based gels, so-called hydrogels, seems reasonable. Here we report(More)
With the amount of data continuing to grow, extracting "data of interest" is becoming popular, pervasive, and more important than ever. Data mining, as this process is known as, seeks to draw meaningful conclusions, extract knowledge, and acquire models from vast amounts of data. These compute-intensive data-mining applications, where thread-level(More)
With the evolution of memory technologies, more types of memories are increasingly becoming available besides traditional DRAM. This paper focuses on the exploration how to organize heterogeneous memories for better performance. Two different models are introduced: Flat and Hierarchy. To evaluate our designs, the system bus trace is collected for(More)
Since ancient times, people have used photosynthesized wood, bamboo, and cotton as building and clothing materials. The advantages of photo polymerization include the mild and easy process. However, the direct use of available sunlight for the preparation of materials is still a challenge due to its rather dilute intensity. Here, we show that semiconductor(More)
This paper introduces a flexible, hybrid emulation platform for processor related emulation. It is based on a modern Xeon server and FPGA. With Intel processors implemented in FPGA and plugged into the Xeon server's processor socket, and with the Xeon BIOS modified to accommodate different cores, this platform is able to boot OS and run applications while(More)
INTRODUCTION Contractures, ectropion and scarring, the most common sequelae of skin grafts after eyelid burn injuries, can result in corneal exposure, corneal ulceration and even blindness. Split-thickness or full-thickness skin grafts are commonly used for the treatment of acute eyelid burns. Plasma exudation and infection are common early complications of(More)
Powdery mildew is one of the most important crop diseases worldwide. Genetic analysis has revealed that mutant alleles of the Mlo gene cause broad-spectrum resistance against pathogens found in cereal. In this study, the possibility of inducing powdery mildew (Podosphaera pannosa) resistance via transgenic technology in the rose was examined. The transgenic(More)
The architecture of RFID system substituting for barcode system in the production or manufacturing field is proposed in this paper. Take tobacco production process as an example. Through the reconstruction of the cigarettes sorting and stacking-transport system with RFID technology, higher production velocity and more expeditious cigarettes delivering stack(More)
The Hengduan Mountains are the core of the Sino-Himalayan Floristic Region. Rosa soulieana Crép. is an important wild rose species that is widely distributed in the Hengduan Mountains. To provide better future utilization of this wild rose, and also to add some possible proof of the effect of geomorphological and ecological characteristics of the Hengduan(More)