Qigang Shao

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PURPOSE Grating-based x-ray phase contrast imaging is considered as one of the most promising techniques for future medical imaging. Many different methods have been developed to retrieve phase signal, among which the phase stepping (PS) method is widely used. However, further practical implementations are hindered, due to its complex scanning mode and high(More)
A description of the rocking curve in diffraction enhanced imaging (DEI) is presented in terms of the angular signal response function and a simple multi-information retrieval algorithm based on the cosine function fitting. A comprehensive analysis of noise properties of DEI is also given considering the noise transfer characteristic of the X-ray source.(More)
Poly(lactic co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) is widely used in diverse fields, especially in delivering biologically active proteins and drugs. For these applications, the knowledge of morphology and microstructure of PLGA micro-porous microspheres is of great importance since they strongly influence the drug delivering efficiency. In this study, micro-porous PLGA(More)
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