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Household robots are widely popular with families for their interestingness. Based on the principle of tumbler, we have developed a novel household robot named Wawa (in the meaning of baby). This robot can be used for entertainment, home decoration, call alert, assisted play and so on. Usually a tumbler can only keep stability in the vertical direction and(More)
Local Sensor is a direction and distance tracking application using low power wireless connectivity. It enables new mobile user experiences bridging the physical and digital world. There are lots of challenges in user experience design since it is new for most end users. This paper introduces how the user experience design was conducted to make local sensor(More)
In this paper we present Stroke++, a novel hybrid Chinese input method for touch screen mobile phones that leverages hieroglyphic properties of Chinese characters to enable faster and easier input of Chinese characters on mobile phones. By using a special keypad layout, a friendly user interface and an adaptive radical selection algorithm, we achieved a(More)
Most current user interfaces and services are based on psychological and social models drawn from European and American research traditions. After identifying preferences and value orientations in different cultures from a series of user studies, this research tries to form a theoretical base for understanding local cultures and designing different user(More)
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