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In this paper, distributed energy storage (DES) devices, like batteries and ultra-capacitors, are used to alleviate detrimental impacts of high penetration photovoltaic (PV) resources on distribution systems. The impacts are studied at mainly two time resolutions-one minute and one hour. To determine accurately the size of the required DES for the purpose(More)
Information framework of optimal reactive power dispatch (ORPD) and the essential characteristics of coordinated reactive power optimization (RPO) in multi-area large-scale power systems are introduced in this paper. We consider that the change of optimal solutions (control settings) cannot be captured by simply using an equality constraint of the boundary(More)
Obtaining the convex hull of the alternating current (AC) power flow equations is largely beneficial in the convexification of the optimization problems in power systems where the AC power flow constraints are taken into account. In this paper, the AC power flow formulation in rectangular coordinates which is a non-convex quadratic equality is equivalently(More)
Convexification of an optimal scheduling algorithm for distributed energy storage (DES) in radial distribution systems with high penetration of photovoltaic resources is studied. The AC power flow equalities are taken into account as constraints in the optimization model. Different from the typical optimal power flow problem, the objective function of a DES(More)
It is of interest for future mobile communication systems that mobile relay nodes (MRNs), i.e., relays mounted on top of transportation vehicles, are deployed in order to improve the system performance. A multi-MRN aided multiuser system is considered in this paper. The performance of the direct transmission mode and the MRN assisted transmission mode under(More)
It is promising that mobile relay nodes (MRNs), i.e., relays mounted on top of transportation vehicles, are deployed in future mobile communication systems in order to improve system performance. In this paper a multi-MRN aided multiuser system is studied. The system performance under direct transmission mode and MRN assisted transmission mode are compared(More)
For many nonlinear control systems, the chosen equilibrium determines both the steady-state efficiency and the dynamic performance. This paper addresses the issue of obtaining an optimal equilibrium in terms of some steady-state operation criteria for a Lur’e-type system and such an equilibrium can also guarantee a sufficiently large stability region in the(More)
The Open Source Software (OSS) management has attracted considerable attention in the last few years. Project management for effective software process improvement must be achieved based on quantitative data. However, because data collection for measurement requires high costs and collaboration with developers, and data dumps may require a huge effort to(More)
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