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A Smart Grid is a digitally enabled electrical grid that equips with various embedded devices that can sense, communicate, compute and control. Validating, analyzing and evaluating new ideas and technologies in Smart Grid require the modeling and emulating of both communication network and power network, as well as the interactions between them. This paper(More)
This paper presents a distributed Demand and Response algorithm for smart grid with the objective of optimizing social-welfare. Assuming the power demand range is known or predictable ahead of time, our proposed distributed algorithm will calculate demand and response of all participating energy demanders and suppliers, as well as energy flow routes, in a(More)
Wireless Sensor Network provides a potential technique for monitoring the indoor environment. This paper presents a Building Monitoring system based on Wireless Sensor Networks. A clustering-based network specified for building monitoring is proposed, which is inspired by LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Cluster Hierarchy) method. Further, two key ideas are used(More)
A Smart Grid is a highly complex cyber-physical electrical power system that uses two-way digital communication and intelligent embedded devices to achieve sensing, control, computation and communication within power network. To validate the functionality, security and reliability of such an system requires the modeling and emulation of both communication(More)
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