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For a novel electric clutch actuator, a nonlinear feedforward-feedback control scheme is proposed to improve the performance of the position tracking control. The design procedure is formalized as a triple-step deduction, and the derived controller consists of three parts: steady-state-like control; feedforward control based on reference dynamics; and(More)
On the basis of mathematical model of two-wheeled self-balancing electrical motorcycle,we use virtual prototype technology in this paper to build mechanical system model and controling system model of two-wheeled self-balancing electrical motorcycle seperately in ADAMS and MATLAB,and then connect the both by ADAMS/Control interface module for realising(More)
MOTIVATION Understanding the complexity in gene-phenotype relationship is vital for revealing the genetic basis of common diseases. Recent studies on the basis of human interactome and phenome not only uncovers prevalent phenotypic overlap and genetic overlap between diseases, but also reveals a modular organization of the genetic landscape of human(More)
Digestive endoscopy is an important technique for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system disease. To assure medical safety, a digestive endoscope must be cleaned and disinfected before its use in an operation on the next patient. The most common treatment procedure on a digestive endoscope is high-level disinfection. The potential risk associated(More)
This paper concerns the problem of video stitching automatically in a multi-camera surveillance system. Previous approaches have used multiple calibrated cameras for large scale surveillance and monitoring. In this work, we formulate video stitching as a multi-image matching and blending problem, and use SURF to find matches of key points between images,(More)
In this paper, an idle speed controller is designed in the framework of active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) for spark ignition (SI) engine. The SI engine model based on the mean value model is proposed. As the system can be considered as a cascade system, the developed controller incorporates a nonlinear state error feedback law (NLSEF) which(More)
In this paper, an active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC) is proposed for the gear shift operation of automatic transmissions. With this approach, model uncertainties including steady state errors, unmodelled dynamics and disturbances which are known or unknown are treated as a total disturbance. The total disturbance can be estimated using the(More)
To obtain the precise injection in GDI engines, this paper presents a model-based rail pressure control scheme. First, a mathematical model is derived for the fuel rail injection system based on hydrodynamics and the bulk modulus of elasticity and simplified reasonably for the controller design. The system is uncontrollable at the point where the pump(More)
To improve the shift quality of vehicle with clutch-to-clutch gear shifts, a nonlinear controller based on flatness is proposed for the clutch slip control during the inertia phase. A nonlinear feedforward control is designed in consideration of the system nonlinearities, and a linear feedback control is given to accommodate the model errors and the(More)
Fuel economy optimization of hybrid vehicles is essentially solving the optimal energy management mode and shift schedule under specified system constraints so as to realize the optimal control of hybrid vehicles. However, the global optimal dynamic programming control strategy cannot use in the real-time control since the uncertainty of the driving(More)