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The acute toxicity, bioaccumulation, and elimination of avermectin B1a (AVM B1a) in earthworm (Eisenia fetida) were investigated in different exposure systems. The LC50 of AVM B1a on earthworms were 24.1 mg/kg and 17.1 mg/kg, respectively, for 7 and 14 days in artificial soil. The LC50 tested by the filter paper for 2 days was 4.63 microg/cm2. The(More)
The bioconcentration and elimination of avermectin B1 in sturgeon muscle were investigated with high-performance liquid chromatography. Mean concentrations of 0.2 and 1 ng x ml(-1) in water were maintained for a 22-d exposure period. The concentrations of avermectin B1alpha in muscle tissues reached steady state within 14 to 18 d. The level of avermectin B1(More)
By 2030, the global population will be 8.5 billion, placing pressure on international poultry production, of which China is a key producer1. From April 2017, China will implement the withdrawal of colistin as a growth promoter, removing over 8,000 tonnes per year from the Chinese farming sector2. To understand the impact of banning colistin and the(More)
Considering the limitations of liver biopsy, reliable non‑invasive serum biomarkers of liver fibrosis are required for early diagnosis. The present study analyzed the expression profile of circulating micro (mi)RNAs during the development and progression of hepatic fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, aiming to identify novel(More)
Two adjacent colistin resistance gene variants, termed mcr-3.3 and mcr-3-like, were identified in the chromosome of an Aeromonas veronii isolate obtained from retail chicken meat. The variants showed 95.20% and 84.19% nucleotide sequence identity, respectively, to mcr-3 from porcine Escherichia coli Functional cloning indicated that only mcr-3.3 conferred(More)
In this study, the complete nucleotide sequence of Chinese indigenous dog mitochondrial genome was determined for the first time. Sequence analysis showed that the genome structure was in accordance with other dogs. It contained 22 tRNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes and 1 control region (D-loop region). The base composition was A(More)
Drug delivery systems based on polymer microspheres have received considerable attention. Ceftiofur sodium and ceftiofur hydrochloride is widely used for the treatment of bacterial diseases in animals but the delivery in vivo has not been reported. In this paper, we report the synthesis of microspheres from gelatin and PLGA, two kinds of typical natural and(More)
In this work, we report the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a cavefish Sinocyclocheilus anophthalmus. The total length of the mitogenome was 16,574 bp and its overall base composition was estimated to be 31.1% for A, 25.5% for T, 26.9% for C and 16.5% for G, indicating an A-T (56.6%)-rich feature in cavefish mitogenome. It contained the typical(More)
We prove that small smooth solutions of semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations with quadratic potential exist over a longer interval than the one given by local existence theory, for almost every value of mass. We use normal form for the Sobolev energy. The difficulty in comparison with some similar results on the sphere comes from the fact that two successive(More)
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