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Photosynthetic characteristics and tolerance to photo-oxidation of transgenic rice expressing C4 photosynthesis enzymes
The photosynthetic characteristics of four transgenic rice lines over-expressing rice NADP-malic enzyme (ME), and maize phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PC), pyruvate,orthophosphate dikinase (PK),Expand
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Modification of photosystem II photochemistry in nitrogen deficient maize and wheat plants
Summary Modification of PSII photochemistry in nitrogen deficient maize and wheat plants was investigated. Fluorescence quenching analyses showed that nitrogen deficiency induced decreases in theExpand
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A Numerical Simulation of Particle Trajectory in Thin Hard Disk Drive
This work numerically investigates the particle trajectory in a turbulent flow field and the trapping status of particles in 2.5 in thin hard disk drives (HDD). The trajectories of particles areExpand
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Numerical investigation of airflow inside a 1-in hard disk drive
Abstract The increasing application of the hard disk drive in consumer electronic devices has pushed the usage of the small form factor hard drives. At the same time, the data storage industryExpand
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Photoinhibition and photoprotection in senescent leaves of field-grown wheat plants
Abstract Photosynthesis, photosystem II (PSII) photochemistry, photoinhibition and the xanthophyll cycle in the senescent flag leaves of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants grown in the field wereExpand
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Xanthophyll cycle, light energy dissipation and photosystem II down-regulation in senescent leaves of wheat plants grown in the field
Photosynthesis, the xanthophyll cycle, light energy dissipation and down-regulation of photosystem II (PSII) in senescent leaves of wheat plants grown in the field were investigated. With theExpand
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Photosynthetic light and CO2 utilization and C4 traits of two novel super-rice hybrids.
Characteristics of photosynthetic light and CO2 use efficiency from seedling to heading stage, and C4 pathway enzyme activities in both flag leaves and lemma were compared between two newly developedExpand
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Experimental investigation of hydrodynamic behavior in a real membrane bio-reactor unit
Abstract The paper reports the study of hydrodynamic behavior of two phase flow (water–air) in a real membrane bio-reactor (MBR) system. At actual working condition, there are massive air bubblesExpand
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Aerodynamic Pressure Fluctuations Associated With Flow-Induced Vibration of the Head Gimbals Assembly Inside a Hard Disk Drive
This paper presents an experimental investigation and numerical simulation on the spectrum-spatial characteristics of aerodynamic pressure fluctuations around the head gimbals assembly (HGA) in aExpand
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Thermal Analysis of Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Optical Head with Laser Diode on Slider
For the optical head used in heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), mounting a laser diode chip on the slider offers a more integrated, compact, and stable design. However, the heat generated byExpand
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