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On monolithic Ni-Nb metallic glass films, we experimentally revealed 6.6% elastic strain limit by in-situ transmission electron microscopy observations. The origin of high elastic strain limit may link with high free volume in the film, causing the rearrangement of loosely bonded atomic clusters (or atoms) upon elastic deformation. This high elastic limit(More)
1 The evolution changes in T 2 (top row) and FA (middle row) maps after sildenafil treatment and corresponding Bielshowsky Silver and Luxol fast blue stained coronal section (A, B) from the same rat. The left image in B is a higher magnified image from the box area in panel A and the corresponding contralateral area (right image in B). Fig. 2 Panels A, B,(More)
With using the carbon nano-tube (CNT) of high chemical activity, nano-TiCx particles with different growth shapes were synthesized through the self-propagating high temperature in the 80 wt.% metal (Cu, Al, and Fe)-Ti-CNT systems. The growth shapes of the TiCx particles are mainly octahedron in the Cu- and Al-Ti-CNT systems, while mainly cube- and(More)
Although solid Au is usually most stable as a face-centered cubic (fcc) structure, pure hexagonal close-packed (hcp) Au has been successfully fabricated recently. However, the phase stability and mechanical property of this new material are unclear, which may restrict its further applications. Here we present the evidence that hcp → fcc phase transformation(More)
Fast and accurate measurement of the longitudinal relaxation time, T1, has become increasingly important in quantitative estimates of such tissue physiological parameters as perfusion, capillary permeability, and tissue interstitial space using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI). The Look-Locker (LL) sequence provides accurate T<inf>1</inf> estimates,(More)
By using a combination of state-of-the-art experimental and computational methods, the high glass forming ability ͑GFA͒ of Cu 46 Zr 46 Al 8 alloy is studied from the view of its atomic packing. Three-dimensional atomic configuration is well established. It is found that Al atoms almost homogeneously distribute around Cu and Zr atoms without segregation,(More)
Nano-sized TiC x /2009Al composites (with 5, 7, and 9 vol% TiC x) were fabricated via the combustion synthesis of the 2009Al-Ti-CNTs system combined with vacuum hot pressing followed by hot extrusion. In the present study, CNTs were used as the carbon source to synthesize nano-sized TiC x particles. An attempt was made to correlate the effect of ground CNTs(More)
The wettability of amorphous and annealing-induced nanocrystalline Fe78B13Si9 ribbons by molten Sn and Bi at 600 K was measured using an improved sessile drop method. The results demonstrate that the structural relaxation and crystallization in the amorphous substrates do not substantially change the wettability with molten Bi because of their invariable(More)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) estimation of contrast agent concentration in fast pulse sequences such as Dual Gradient Echo (DGE) imaging is challenging. An Adaptive Neural Network (ANN) was trained with a map of contrast agent concentration estimated by Look-Locker (LL) technique (modified version of inversion recovery imaging) as a gold standard. Using(More)