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Investigations on concentration of mineral elements including Fe and Zn in wheat grains are important for human health. Two hundreds and sixty-five cultivars and advanced lines were collected and sown at Anyang experimental station of the Institute of Crop Science of the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences in season 2005–2006 to evaluate the genetic(More)
For traditional mean shift tracking algorithm based on histogram, tracking is failing when target appears under the complicated tracking conditions. It can't significantly distinguish color-similar targets and backgrounds. This thesis proposed a kind of Mean Shift tracking algorithm based on Spatiogram Corrected Background Weighted Histogram and offered(More)
In the 60GHz millimeter-wave radar communication systems, the nonlinear power amplifier is inevitable. In order to combat this problem, a promising estimation algorithm based on the particle filtering (PF) is presented here. By employing the conception of Bayesian approximation and sequential importance sampling, this appealing Monte Carlo random sampling(More)
In this paper, an UWB-MIMO antenna with frequency selective surface (FSS) decoupling structure is proposed. To realize antenna system miniaturization and integration, silicon material is applied as substrate. The proposed antenna becomes a very compact construction with dimension of 38.2 × 26.6 × 0.4 mm. The proposed broadband FSS unit consists of four(More)
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