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The metabolism of a vitamin-auxotrophic pyruvate-producing microorganism, Torulopsis glabrata IFO 0005, was investigated by metabolic flux analysis. Particular attention was focused on the effect of culture conditions, such as dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration and thiamine concentration, on specific pathway activities. The results of metabolic flux(More)
A mathematical model describing intracellular lysine synthesis by Corynebacterium glutamicum in batch fermentation was developed. The model is based on material balance equations of the key metabolites, and includes mechanistically based, experimentally matched rate equations for individual enzymes. From the measurements of the levels of intra- and(More)
The effects of glucose, vitamins, and DO concentrations on efficient pyruvic acid fermentation were investigated using Torulopsis glabrata IFO 0005, and a novel biphasic culture method was developed on the basis of the metabolic flux analysis. T. glabrata requires the four vitamins nicotinic acid (NA), thiamine hydrochloride (B(1)), pyridoxine(More)
Metabolic control analysis was carried out for the lysine biosynthetic pathway in Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 21253 using mechanism-based kinetic models developed for enzymatic reactions for this pathway. The rate-limiting steps during lysine production were determined with the aid of flux control coefficients, which indicated that the lysine synthesis(More)
The mixed cultivation using cheaper carbon source-wasted food material contained glucose and lactate at the same time was conducted in 5L fermentor, within which glucose was converted to lactate by L. delbrueckii in anaerobic condition and the lactate was converted to PHB by R. eutropha in aerobic condition. Considering dissolved oxygen concentration may(More)
  • Qichao Hua, Sebastian Osswalda, Yan Zhua, Steven Wesela, Luis Ortiza, Donald R. Sadowaya
  • 2011
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